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Blessed Virgin Mary: Her Life And Mission
by Corinne Heline


New Age Bible & Philosophy Cnt
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The overshadowing of Mary on Corinne Heline gave her the inspiration and was an ever present light that guided her writings and lectures for so many years. In this volume, she covers details in the life of Mary that are not generally known nor is their significance fully appreciated.

Her collected writings are brought together here in a form that will both inform and inspire the serious student and those with a deep appreciation for the unique contribution that Mary has given to humanity.

Much attention is focused currently on the work of the Masters of the Wisdom, most of whom occupy a masculine form. Mrs. Heline directs our attention to the life and mission of a truly great female Master in her style that will inspire pure ecstasy to the reader who will experience the spirit in and beyond the words which are so beautifully expressed.

Born to the aristocracy of the Old South into the prominent Duke family, she received a classical and religious education that was to prepare her for her life work. She was a life-long student of the ancient mysteries devoting her time to study and meditation. The Rosicrucian adept, Max Heindel, became her teacher and associate at Mt. Ecclesia in Oceanside, California where she met another New Age pioneer, Theodore Heline who was to become her husband and to undertake the publication of the inspired writings that flowed through her. Her monumental work, The New Age Bible Interpretation in 7 volumes, was followed by many other works interpreting the ancient wisdom in terms of the needs of the day. She was truly a New Age Pioneer, opening the way to vast new fields of investigation for those who would know and be a part of the coming world of the Aquarian Age. Her consciousness far transcended that of her day, and while she had physical plane teachers, her inspiration came from the immortals who overshadowed her, the greatest being our lovely lady, the Madonna who was the light of her life from early childhood.

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